Best Countries for Food

Everyone enjoys eating. The best thing about food is that there are so many combinations to cooking. You don’t have to only eat something the same way because it can be prepared in many ways. For example, chicken can be boiled, cooked, fried and barbequed in many ways. Further, the ingredients you use on the chicken can make it tastes differently. Every country in the world has their own unique way of cooking. Not everyone can eat all food because some people are used to certain type of food. Some people are able to eat really spicy food while some can’t even take a small bite. Anyway, with the various preparation methods and seasoning, we have a limitless supply of different food. Here’s a list of countries with the best food. The word best can be defined as a wide variety of food and the overall general taste accepted by many.


China is a large country with the biggest population in the world. Due to this, there’s bound to be various dishes. They have many different rice and vegetables along with meat products. Further, China is known for their various herbs and seasoning used in their dishes. Similarly, they have various specialties depending on the region you’re in and a large number of restaurants from small dumpling shops to large restaurants are all over China.



France is known for their delicate and distinct food. From baguettes to wines and specialized dishes, the country has a wide variety of food. There are many French restaurants around the world that celebrate French food. Further, French food is available world over with certain dishes popular with everyone. Similarly, here are many regional specialties with French Wine being one of the most popular wine’s available


Thailand is a great holiday destination. Along with that, Thailand is also known for their food. There are many popular dishes in Thailand. They use lot of garlic and chilies so the food is a little spicy. Further, there other ingredients such as coriander leaves and lemon grass that give their food a distinct taste. Dishes such as Tom Yung Goong, Som Tum and Tom Kha Khai are very popular with tourists.


We’ve all eaten pasta, pizza, spaghetti and Risotto. These are all Italian food. Italy is the home of all the food we love. Compared to the dishes we’ve had Italy has many variations of it. The streets in Italy are filled with pizza shops with many different types of pizza and pasta. There are so many Italian restaurants around the world due to the popularity of their food.



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