Check your Pork Status

Pork is easily one of the most delicious proteins that exists here in this planet.This meat never fails to satisfy one’s appetite with its tender, juicy and buttery goodness. Eating pork is a luxury that is why it is important to prepare this meat well in order to do it justice. The first step is knowing if it’s still fresh or if it’s the other way around. We compiled tips and tricks that will help you prepare the best pork dish ever, starting with prepping pork.

Check Expiration Date on Package

Store and freeze pork according to the date indicated on the package. If it is fresh off the market, let it stay cool within three to five days of buying. Even though a “use buy” date is not listed, you will have an idea it’s expired after 2 years. Even if you cook it at the recommended internal temperature, it can bring adverse effects. Add salt or seasoning to preserve its taste.

Store pork properly to prevent spoilage

It’s not enough to just refrigerate refrigerator along with your fresh milk and eggs. Freezing pork should be put at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove plastic wrap or transfer it to a ziplock bag. Original packaging permits the pork absorbs air. If you’re about to thaw the ice around the pork for cooking, chill at a lower temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smell the Pork

Spoiled pork has a distinct sour odor. Contaminated pork smells rotten and has ammonia. Being skeptical is better but try not to throw the pork right away. Vacuum packed pork has an odor that should disperse once rinsed with cold water. You can tell by the healthy pink color that the odor is just temporary.

Feel and Observe the Pork

Since it is stored in the freezer, trusted European pork is expected to feel hard but moist. If pork has a dry and sticky feel to it, then it has outstayed its welcome. It would also appear reddish pink or white if still safe. It is grayish, brown or green if spoiled. You should be able to determine mean which is‘wasted pale’ from ‘extended freezer storage pale’that is usually harmless.

Know when and how to cook

There are different ways pork is produced and processed. Given that, shelf life of pork also varies in freezer and refrigerator storage. Generally, freezing pork should last from six to eight months while refrigerating pork is done for one to two days. Uncooked pork sausage should be kept in the refrigerator for three to four days after purchase. Cook fresh pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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