Cooking for a Crowd with the Right Kind of BBQ Machine

A ‘Barbecue’ or ‘BBQ’ as it is informally known is a famous method of grilling meat on top of a heat source, that is usually low and indirect which is generally produced from burning wood or charcoal. It is a famous method of cooking that is usually done in outdoors or back yards of people’s homes and provides a great opportunity to for one’s family and friends to get together and enjoy a good meal while relaxing in the freedom of the great outdoors. If the number of people joining for the barbecue is less, then a simple bargain barbecue machine can be used but for it but if a big crowd is involved then it is best to go for a well-known, branded smoker.

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Selecting a Good Smoking Machine

The cooking appliance known as the ‘Smoker’ is the ideal one when it comes to barbecuing as it has all the necessary elements for producing low, smoke and heat for an extended period of time and the necessary space needed for the barbecue. You can also use a normal gas grill for barbecuing but it lacks certain functionalities of a smoker so it is best to stick to a good smoking machine that is made from a sturdy material with a good, quality finish. Smokers out there generally uses the likes of wood, pellet, gas or even electricity as a source of fuel and the effort that you plan to put into the process should be considered before picking one that is best suited for your cooking requirements. You can find the perfect smoker for you through conventional methods but searching online can yield many unforeseen options that you might not have come across earlier (Ex: enter, “BBQ smoker Melbourne” to any search engine, and you will find a list of smoker sellers in the Melbourne area for you to choose from which will be very convenient).


The Different Types

There are a variety of smokers currently in the market such as horizontal offset, vertical water, box, drum, etc. each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular ones among them are the vertical water ones as they are the cheapest among the lot. The horizontal offset ones, better known as ‘offsets’ are units consisting of two parts, which are the main chamber and the smokestack.


When barbecuing in these good looking appliances, the heat/smoke that generated in the firebox will enter the chamber and then gradually travel out through the smokestack that allows for a constantly efficient airflow. The box type of smokers are fairly simple and easy to use with the heat source being directly situated below the cooking chamber and the drum smokers that are usually made out of a steel drum are the most basic ones among them which are quite cheap and easy to setup too.

There are a lot of good smokers currently available in the market and by doing a fair bit of research, you will be able to pick one that is not only powerful, easy to operate and even clean up, but you will also be able to get a smoker that will last for a long time as well.

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