Cooking with Heady Beverages like the Italians

When it comes to comfort food and healthy food, the Italians know the best. Not only do they indulge in this heady beverage while they eat, they also cook with it. The dishes are simple enough, most often all you need is some pasta, a lot of cheese and tomatoes and you are ready to go with a delicious meal. But if you think this is all you can make then you are wrong. Let’s look at some of the lesser known dishes the Italians make.


This is a classic dish made with seafood items such as clams or shrimp and is a summer time favourite among the locals. To make the dish as tasty as possible it is recommended to use fresh fish and cook with white wine. It is a soup that is bound to please your family and guests.

Heady pasta

One of the basic items you need to learn when cooking like Italians is to boil your pasta just right. Usually you do it in water, but this dish goes a bit further by using a combination of red wine and water to boil your pasta. So stock up for this heady dish by using wine delivery singapore. You will never want to go back to normal pasta again.


Braised ribs are delicious. It tastes even better when you let the already poached ribs sit in a pot of red wine. Most recopies combine onions, tomatoes and garlic to the mixture to add more flavour and make the flesh come right off the bones. The result is a very savoury and tender meat dish that is sure to make your mouth water.


A famous Italian starter dish is called mostarda, it is kind of like jam made from fruits and tastes best when eaten with cheese or other starter menus. Most often the Italians like to eat it with fresh bread, tomatoes and olive oil. If you plan to make it at home you can make it by using red wine and soaking fruits such as pears or berries.

Beef dishes

Another popular dish is made out of rings of beef stuffed with cheese and spices and served in thick gravy full of tomato sauce. Popularly known as Braciole this wine soaked dish is full of flavour and tender. You can also use pork or other meat items to make it as well. However it is a bit of a tough dish to master so you might need help getting started with it.

These are some of the lesser known but popular and heady dishes that is sure to get your guests marvelling at your culinary skills.

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