Different Types of Liquor to Suit Different Types of People

Liquor has become the greatest form of comfort and enjoyment in todays world. But what exactly is liquor? It is a distilled alcoholic beverage. Basically, sugar has been converted to alcohol through fermentation. That is the simple form of liquor you will find. Going one more step ahead, the alcohol us then separated from water through a process called distillation. Hence the name ‘Hard liquor’.  To give a brief idea of what kinds of liquors are available in the market we have done some research for you.


A drink that is used to melt away the coldness during winter. There is a reason why vodka gives the necessary warmth during such a cold season. Well, because of its high alcoholic nature, this alcohol is extremely spicy. It is considered as one of the most pure alcoholic beverages. It doesn’t have a very sweet flavour but it is used in many cocktails. Many tend to think that vodka was originated in Russia due to the warmth it brought during the extremely cold seasons. But in reality vodka was originated in Poland. It is mainly made out or grains or potatoes. If you feel lie going for a strong alcohol, get some vodka from the nearest liquor store.


Another clear alcohol which is high in its spiciness. Gin is also made out of grains. But a special botanical called the Juniper berry is added to make it unique. This is what gives the special smell of gin. Many people tend to like gin as it is an alcohol which blends very well with other ingredients. So if you want some gin, again the liquor store or just order online from your country. Don’t worry it will be available. If you are in Singapore, simply search for hard liquor Singapore and you will find it.



Another alcohol very popular among many. The uniqueness of whiskey is that it is stored for a certain period of time even after its distillation. The wooden containers used to store these is what gives it the unique smell and taste. Ever wondered why whiskey is similar to the colour of the wood? Yes, it is because of these wooden containers. Whiskey is not limited to just one country. So it is very east to find.


These are just a few of the many liquors that you will come across. Others include scotch, bourbon, rye, tequila, rum and more.


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