Negative Effects of Fast Food

In this fast-moving world, we hardly have time to spend hours in the kitchen and cook our own meals. The easiest thing to do seems to be buying junk food on the way to work or school. This has caused many problems in people in all ages. Fast food is the reason for many chronic diseases and other unhealthy health conditions that will make your daily life more difficult. So here are some of them.


As we all know, fast food contains unhealthy oils that will make you gain weight. An average adult usually needs about 2000 calories a day, but a fast food meal would contain 1500 calories alone. You can do the math on how much excess calories you take in, if you had fast food for all three meals a day. Obesity is usually the first visible negative effect of fast food which will then lead to much dangerous diseases such as cancer and even depression due to loss of self-confidence.


Insulin is the chemical produced by your body to maintain proper sugar levels in your system. Fast food weakens this chemical, building insulin resistance. Due to this, the sugar levels of your of cannot be controlled accordingly. Diabetes is usually seen in adults, however with the consumption of fast food, even children have become victims of it, preventing healthy growth in them.

Depression and Addiction

Junk food has become an addiction in many people, especially teens and children. Well of course nobody likes to eat broccoli or any vegetable, and this has lead kids to move away from healthy food. Studies have shown that no proper nutrition can lead to mental disease such as depression, and not only physical health conditions. People who consume fast food tend to be much impatient, restless along with low self-confidence. For a growing child, these can be critical aspects.

Cardiovascular Disease

As we grow older, our blood vessels and arteries grow stiffer, making it harder to pump blood. The excessive fat in fast food retains on the insides of the vessels, making the situation worse. Your heart will have to now work triple the usual amount to get the work done. This will cause your heart to tire easily, which may then lead to heart attacks or strokes. Vegetables and fruits help in keeping fat retention at a low level so try to take in as much as possible.

Digestive Problems

These fried meats at high temperatures usually destroy all nutrients in it. Moreover, the meat used in fast food chains isn’t natural. They have been genetically created. Due to this, you will find it difficult to digest, giving you colorectal and small bowel cancer.


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