Places you must visit when in Bali

If you are travelling to Bali for your summer vacation, you have made the right choice.  Out of the many islands in the south-east of the Indian Ocean, Bali is renowned as being the most popular one for tourists and rightfully so. There is no island quite like this one. Where modern amenities meet heritage, this beautiful island is home to many resorts and UNESCO recognized sites. So whether you are a beach lover, thrill seeker or a history nerd, there is always something you can do.

Go enjoy yourself in a beach

Bali is synonymous with beaches. With over ten beaches in this island, you can be guaranteed to have fun and a unique beach to visit every day of your trip. If you are interested in surfing then you should visit the Padang Padang beach. With large waves that break the shore and ample facilities to rent out surfboards and such, this is the perfect place for anyone wishing to surf. If you don’t know to surf but you are interested in learning how to do it, then you can always visit one of the many surfing center and get an instructor to teach you personally.  If you want to relax, then stay in the best spa resort in bali. You would be able to enjoy a bit of private beach with ample facilities to indulge in. But If you are someone who prefers just basking under the sun or going for a swim and don’t minds crowd then Padang Bai Beach is perfect for you. With many facilities available from public changing rooms to a variety of restaurants, this is the perfect place to go to with friends, family or even just solo. The cheerful atmosphere and general happy vibe would help you calm down and have a good time.

Visit the UNESCO heritage sites

Unesco has recognized three heritage sites in Bali and they are all places you definitely need to visit. The Pakerisan Valley is home to ancient temples and a gorgeous waterfront. In the Valley, in the town of Tampaksiring, you can find hidden among trees and paddy fields, Ancient Pre-hindu temples. Nature has claimed the temples as her own, adding moss to the beautiful architecture. The temples were constructed as the abode of Candika, the goddess of death and thus are called in Bali as Candi. The ones in Gunung Kavi in the Pakerisan Valley are believed to be constructed all the way back in the 11th Century. The other heritage sites are also worth visiting, even if you are not into history, I would still recommend you to visit them as the sites are beautiful an absolutely remarkable.

There are so many things you can do in bali, so when you go on your vacation instead of solely focusing on relaxing, try to do other things too; challenge yourself, experience something new and overall make it a trip you would never forget.



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