The Ultimate List of Kitchen Must haves

One of the most important areas in your home is your kitchen. Whether you are knowing how to cook or not, it holds a special place in your heart. Moreover, it is where you hang out with your family or friends, over coffee or tea. There’s joy in staying in your kitchen, and sometimes due to too much excitement, you overcrowd your cupboard with gadgets and tools that you don’t need. It’s time to toss them and keep these kitchen must-haves to take your cooking into the level.

Kitchen Knives

A full knife set is what you need to have in your kitchen. You don’t need a lot but high-quality knives will change your life forever. According to the kitchen professionals, all you need to have are a chef’s knife, a paring knife and a serrated bread knife. They’re functional and perfect for everyday use. Choosing a knife is quite easy – It should feel right to hold. Feel it and if you think it’s still quite hard for you to decide which one is best for you, ask someone who can help you. Take into consideration the price, size, shape and weight. If it feels wrong, move on.


A cooker is a must-have appliance you need to turn an ordinary meal into a masterpiece. There are different types of cooker and you’ll be quite overwhelmed with a countless of choices in the market. There is a range cooker, table-top cooker, and pit barrel cooker to name a few. The last one is ideal for cooking meat such as ribs. It is easy-to-use, and makes delicious meals. It is affordable and has large capacity which makes it a crowd favorite specifically of barbecue lovers out there. Moreover, it’s long-lasting and can quite withstand any weather condition.


You don’t need to get the full set of pans, but you need to have a cast-iron pan, non-stick pan, stainless steel pan, and rondeau pan in your kitchen. Each has the power to make yummy dishes. If you want a pan for heavy-use, go for a stainless steel pan. It’s quite heavy and harder to wash, but it’s proven to last for a longer time than any other types of pan you’ll encounter in the market.

Food Storage

Get food storage to keep your food safe from visitors like ants and cockroaches. Moreover, it helps in keeping your food fresh. Choose the airtight boxes.

Cutting Board

Have at least two cutting boards one for dry/raw food and one for cooked food. Choose the polyethylene plastic material because it’s cheap yet easy to clean and can stand the test of time.


You need utensils for a hassle-free cooking experience such as vegetable peeler, rolling pin, tongs, wooden spoons, etc.


A blender isn’t only good for making smoothies but salad dressings, too. Invest in a high-quality blender especially if you’re fond of preparing healthy food and beverages.

See to it that you make the right choices when you’re shopping for kitchen items.

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