Unique and Delicious Cake Flavors Formidable For Any Occasion

When the need arise whether or not you have a sweet tooth you have to brainstorm to choose the best cake for the celebration. After all life is too short to say no to cake. Finding the perfect cake for the ideal occasion is no easy feat.as much as you need the cake to be as beautiful as possible you need it incredibly tasty as well. After all its not every day you pre order a custom made cake so when you get the chance take full advantage of it and be experimental to create some flavorful magic rather than being boring and common. Through the years cake flavors have multiplied so why not fabricate a distinctive flavorful taste that will most certainly leave you and your guests with singing taste buds. Shown below is a brief listing of some of the well demanded cake flavors.

Red Velvet

Red velvet cakes are as romantic as they sound as they are often quite famous in occasions where love is celebrated such as wedding, valentine and engagements. Named for its deep dark red color this cake brings out a delicious flavor which is a combination both chocolate and vanilla. It has a smooth rich flavor along with a light, fluffy and moist texture. Red velvet flavored cakes are mainly paired up with delicious cream cheese frosting, rum flavored crusted etc.

Luscious lemon, Grand Mariner

A refreshing cake with a tasteful zest of lemon flavor. Created in several layers combined with sweet berry compote luscious lemon is a refined paradise if you love all things citrus. The Grand mariner also holds strong citrus flavors as it elevates the tasteful elegance of simple cake flavors. If you intend to have cake that is quite strong flavored adding brandy to amplify the taste will do the trick. Dwelling in thousand choices unable to make up your mind on what flavors to choose and who is capable of satisfying your expectations? Head on to the best cake shop in Singapore to ease all your cake related worries and as the pros in the business we have the capability to turn all your flavorful cake dreams into a reality. 

Pink Champagne, Hazelnut Almond

A luxurious cake for a girl who loves champagne and pink. The initial cake mix is blended with champagne and the cake is topped with the rich taste of vanilla buttercream and raspberry mousse. Is undoubtedly one of the most famous flavors used in this era. Hazelnut Almond is an absolutely amazing chose for all those who love nuts it’s a mouthwatering flavor of cake filled with mocha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, sprinkled almonds and cherries.

White Chocolate with Raspberry andCaramelized Vanilla

White chocolate always provides a rich taste combine that with the fruitiness of raspberry cream or jam filling is a tasteful combination of flavors that can be used for any occasion. If you wish you have the possibility to add fresh raspberry fillings as well. The eternal flavor of caramelized vanilla is truly a unique taste with its salted caramel buttercream blended with whipped dark chocolate ganache is a classic taste with a twist.

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