Ways On How To Keep Down The Costs Of Your Next Corporate Catering Event

For your corporate catering requests, the estimated costs for each person ranges from $20 to $130. With this huge cost different plus the business event which is at stake, you need to determine that spot where you can save money and still provide for the needs of your guests. Thus, here are some ways on how to keep down the costs of your next corporate catering event without sacrificing quality:

Look Around

For many years, you might be paying for the services of the same caterer. However, this does not mean that such caterer is the cheapest and the best choice that you can have. Make some research to know who else is there to cater to your needs. Determine their catering options plus the costs. You can also get referrals from people who know a lot about event catering. Ask them if they know someone to be a good choice within your locality.

Does your business event have a theme that needs s specific food? For example, a barbecue? You can ask several restaurants like best pasta in singapore if they have a promo or discounts for large parties. You can have discounts and they can have the opportunity to present their food to a wide range of prospective customers. In this aspect, don’t forget that we have online reviews that you can visit and read.

Negotiate the Cost of the Catering

Just like the hotels, the prices of catering services varies. Sometimes, you can see that the catering costs rise during busy season. Example of this is weddings and holidays. However, you can have a chance to negotiate the price during off-seasons. As you negotiate, it is best that you know details regarding your event. The more you know the kind of activity that you will host, the better the chances you can ask for savings.

Always remember that even if your caterer has a suggested menu, you are not limited to having those items. Make sure to ask what else do they have to offer. Ask what are the options that will let you spend the cost down. Also, if you are trying to have an annual event, try if you can have a discount by negotiating a multi-year deal with the caterer.

Buy your own Drinks

There are various caterers that offer that they will bring the beer and wine. Today, it is a popular industry that alcholic drinks have the highest price markup. You can avoid paying these costly markups by bringing or buying your own drinks for the clients. Liquor stores can even give you discounts especially if you buy in bulk.

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