Eat Healthy

Why We Should Eat Healthy

Life has changed considerably over the last few decades. This is something that always happens with changes in society and technology. The issue with change is that it could be negative. Today, there are more than 7 billion people living in the world. Resources are being consumed at an extremely fast rate. Similarly, the world is competitive. To be ahead of other people have to work. Rise in prices and inflation due to limited resources have made certain things very expensive. Comparatively, it was cheaper to purchase a house a few decades ago than today.

Due to the competitive nature, people are spending more time studying and working. Due to this, they are delaying many things such as marriage. People born in late 80s onwards are known as the Peter Pan generation because they are delaying many rites of passages compared to their parents. Similarly, the high number of fast food chains all over makes things worse.

There are many fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell and Nando’s to name a few, that are all over. These restaurants serve very unhealthy food. This food is not bad but it should be eaten only on certain times and not all the time. If you do eat these kinds of food all the time, you will become unhealthy due to the level of salt and fat in the food. This can lead to one of the biggest problems today, heart diseases and obesity.

Heart failure is the number one cause of death in the world. All deaths relating to heart failure doesn’t mean it is due to unhealthy eating but a large percentage id due to that. Further, obesity has become a growing problem in many countries. Especially among teenagers and young adults. People are exercising less, not only due to work but also due to other distractions such as the internet, TV and mobile phones. People have become addicted to devices that have made them exercise less and eat more.

These problems can be inherited as well. Healthcare costs have increased because of these problems and the future doesn’t seem as bright for the next generation. We need to change our lifestyles. We should start by eating healthy. There is plenty of healthy food out there. This food not only keeps you healthy, it also keeps you fitter and stronger.

We have to make sure to set the right example for the future generation and we have to follow a healthy lifestyle. An age-old quote that “health is wealth” is one of the most accurate quote that we should all strive to follow.

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